6 Style Secrets All French Girls Know

No matter how chic you think you are, it’s a sure bet your Parisian counterpart has one up on you. We have found the perfect ballet flats, equally mastered the art of the blazer and the leather jacket, and yet still can’t quite capture that je ne sais quoi that all stylish French girls exude. The secret is, though, that they’ve bottled up the magic of the classics. As trends come and go (and French girls surely dabble in the most daring of runway creations just like the rest of us), they always return to those wardrobe essentials that make everything seem so effortless. So, it’s time we start doing the same.

We’ve rounded up the six style secrets that all French girls know to be true. And now, so do you. So stock up on these Parisian loves and you’ll be mistaken for the most fashionable of Gallic girls in no time.



The exact same look can give off two completely different vibes if styled with either an elegantly tailored blazer or edgy leather jacket. With the simple switch of a topper, that beloved floral mini dress can turn from a look fit for tea time to something you want to wear to that exclusive speakeasy at night.

If there’s one thing you have in excess, make it shirting, as there’s nothing more classic than this forever wardrobe staple. Make sure you always have some crisp cotton, slinky silk and classic striped styles on hand to turn any pair of trousers or skirt into something fit for whatever the day might throw at you.

Borrow from the boys by opting for a more straight-leg style over a skinny jegging. That said, don’t opt for a silhouette that’s quite so baggy it actually looks as though you swiped the pair from your male caller. Instead, choose a slimmer cut that many brands have dubbed the “girlfriend.”

Sure, the French are no strangers to a stiletto, but the power of ease when it comes to getting dressed is never more apparent than it in a chic Parisian woman’s collection of flats. She has pointed-toe skimmers, backless loafers and classic ballet slippers. And, in a wide range of colors and patterns, it’s the most simple way to add a little pop to your otherwise neutral look.

Pick your poison: be it tweed, plaid or something of the like. But make sure you have an elegant style you love within arm’s reach. The best tailored toppers come by way of a lightweight construction, so you can layer up for the weather outside, but incorporate it into your look when you walk through the door as well.

We repeat: You can never have too many stripes. A trusty Breton tee will go with anything and everything, and works for women of all ages and style sensibilities. Mix it with an animal print or ditsy floral, or allow it to stand out in a sea of denim. Just remember, you don’t have to buy just one. In fact, we dare you to try.