Reinvent Your Old Jeans With The Latest Street Style Trends

Do you have a growing mountain of unworn denim in your closet? Us too. Whether they’ve been relegated to timeout because they’re too long, the wash is too dated or they’re just no longer exciting, resurrect them this weekend with 4 DIY projects—all inspired by the latest street-style trends. We guarantee you’ll fall back in love in no time.

Let us know how your jeans turned out in the comments below!


Fringe Flares

DIY: Add 5 inches of fringe to the bottom of old flares. Start by cutting off the hem, then use sharp sewing shears to cut straight lines every 1/2 inch vertically into the bottom of each leg. Run through the washer and dryer to rough-up the fringe.

Adam Katz Sinding

Paint-Splattered Vintage

DIY: Denim in a dated wash begs to be updated with Jackson-Pollock-style paint splats. Set up outside with a tarp (or a ton of newspapers) to catch stray paint. Dip a 1-inch brush in fabric paint and flick to your heart's desire. Hang to dry for 24 hours before wearing.


Extra-Large Cuff

DIY: If you never get those extra-long jeans to the tailor this jumbo cuff will be your new favorite styling trick. Add a frayed edge by cutting the hem first then running the jeans through the washer and dryer. Finish by ironing the folded edge for a sharp cuff.

Adam Katz Sinding

Dropped Frayed Hem

DIY: Refresh a cropped pair of jeans by dropping the hem and leaving the edge unfinished. Use a seam ripper to removed all the stitches and reveal the dye stripe—this is the design element you want to expose.