6 Items You Always Forget To Pack For The Beach But Should

Ahh, a beach weekend. You finally get your feet in the sand, apply your SPF and unveil your gorgeous bathing suit only to realize you’ve left a few key things behind. With sunscreen, a hat and beach towel on lock, here are six items you always forget to pack for the beach, but most definitely should prioritize for your next waterside escape. Consider this your checklist.


Beachside Essentials

Speakers For Your Phone

Music enlivens any beach weekend with friends, but often you only think to bring headphones. Instead of letting songs dimly play from your phone, give them a boost with wireless speakers for a more dynamic range.

A Transparant Pouch

You want to ensure your phone, keys and cash are safe from splashes and sand. And while we're all too familiar with the budget Ziplock bag option, upgrading to a cute, clear pouch is a more practical approach to protecting your valuables.

An Insulated Water Bottle

Hydration, hydration, hydration. An easily overlooked step for fun in the sun, but honestly, the most crucial. Rather than let water get warm in tossable plastic, upgrade to an insulated bottle that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

Cleansing Wipes

After soaking up rays with several applications of sunscreen, skin can get a little greasy. Tote along a pack of cleansing wipes to quickly refresh and remove surface dirt and oil in a cinch.

A Layer For Unexpected Weather Turns

When planning a beach trip, the last thing you're thinking of is a sudden turn in the weather. Rather than end up cold and cranky, include a light layer in an effortless tie-dye print for optimal summer vibes.

A Transitional Makeup Palette

Heading straight from the beach to cocktails or dinner shouldn't send you into a panic. Pack a transitional makeup palette for swift touch ups.