These Are The Most Popular Over-The-Knee Boots On Pinterest

Over-the-knee boots have come a looong way from being a cornerstone of any good Pretty Woman Halloween costume. Lately it seems you can’t throw a green juice without hitting a girl who’s sexing up her skinny jeans, boho minidress, or oversized, corseted t-shirt (we’re looking at you, Kylie) with the majorly popular shoe style. But just because the trendy footwear is worn by the most stylish celebrities and It Girls doesn’t make it exclusive; in fact, the perfect pair of over-the-knee boots — as deemed by nearly 90,000 shares on Pinterest — will cost you under a bill and is made by one of the most accessible brands in fashion. It’s not surprising that the “Emotions” boot by Steve Madden is the site’s most-pinned style: it’s made of stretchy and soft microsuede, has a study block heel and versatile (not-too-pointy, not-too-round) toe, and goes for just $99.95 (via Nordstrom or Steve Madden). At that price, you’ve got little excuse not to experiment with the season’s most sought-after shoe.