What Our Associate Lifestyle Editor Is Gifting Everyone On Her List


I love giving gifts. There’s something undeniably satisfying about finding that wonderful thing you know will bring someone happiness. However, coupled with my slightly obsessive personality and penchant for indecision, this always leads to hours of shopping (both online and in store) and a lot of stress. Sound familiar? Luckily, I’ve already picked out gifts for everyone on my list—and I’ve compiled them all here so that you can enjoy the fruits of my labor. Here, what I’m gifting everyone on my list (fam, don’t look!).


What I'm Gifting

Chain Clutch




For My Mom

My mom doesn’t own a clutch—I know, gasp—so this holiday season I’m going to remedy that with this chic, goes-with-everything option from Cuyana. The pebbled leather can be dressed up or down, and I feel good about giving a gift made with high-quality, sustainable materials.

Men’s Retro Pile Fleece Jacket




For My Dad

My dad lives in Oregon, so this Fair Trade Certified fleece works on several levels. Plus, it's like a rule that dads have to like fleece jackets.



Simple Vodka

Simple Vodka

For My Sister

My sister once confessed to drinking birthday cake flavored vodka (on purpose), so this is a definite step up. Plus they donate 20 meals to people in need in the US for every bottle they produce.

The One For Men


Dolce & Gabbana


For My Brother

He still wears Axe, something for which I’ll cut him some slack because he’s a teenager—but still, this is less of a gift and more of a necessity.

Classic Saint Laurent Crewneck Sweater In Grey Cashmere


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

For My Boyfriend

Okay, at first glance a sweater doesn’t seem like the most thoughtful gift but, a) it’s Saint Laurent and b) my boyfriend is always cold (I blame the fact that he grew up in California) and he hates shopping, so I know he’ll love this cozy cashmere sweater.

Popeye Chicken And Spinach


Pure Dog Food

Pure Dog Food

For My Dogs

Obviously my precious dogs need to be showered with gifts, and the only thing they love more than barking randomly at 3am is food, so this is perfect. Pure uses locally-sourced, natural, organic ingredients that's cooked right in the brand's commercial kitchens. #Spoiled.

Pima Long Cardigan




For My Grandma

My grandma is always taking care of other people, especially around the holidays, so she deserves something luxe to snuggle in when the festivities die down. This cozy pima cardigan fits the bill.

Grant Kindle Edition


Ron Chernow


For Grandpa

My grandpa has an encyclopedic knowledge of history, so I know he'll enjoy this new book about Ulysses S. Grant. Plus the subject matter seems rather timely.

Sagittarius Necklace (Astrology 101)




For My Best Friend

This minimalist necklace is delicate and oh-so-pretty—and the fact that I can give her one in her astrological sign adds an element of personalization.

Herbarium Bee Incense Burner




For My Friend That Blends Her Own Essential Oils

Mindfulness, but make it Gucci. She'll appreciate that this is both fashionable and practical.

The Sun And Her Flowers


Rupi Kaur


For My Bookworm Friend

Girl loves a good quote, and Rupi's new book is full of delightfully Instagrammable, emotional, powerful ones.

Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper


Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle

For My Coffee Snob Friend

Forget French Presses—this is how the cool people are brewing coffee these days.

Bibliothèque Candle 240g




For My Boyfriend's Mom

To me, there's no more perfect gift than a fancy candle (#hygge), and I am obsessed with this bougie (that actually means candle in French) from Byredo. It's a warm scent with base notes of vanilla, leather and patchouli and top notes of peach and plum.