How To Make Gingham Work For Fall

A woman in a blue and white gingham button-up shirt and a black dress crossing the street

As we head into fall, we’re apprehensive to give up some of those favorites that we’ve practically lived in all summer long. And, while it might be necessary to trade those slide sandals for winter boots (eventually…), layer on the jackets and ditch the swimsuits we spent the past three months wearing as actual tops, we will soon remember how much we love the fashion of autumn.

That said, there’s one summertime trend that we will definitely not be packing up with the others, and it comes by way of gingham. Though it might very well be a warm-weather staple, it’s a fall style essential as well—and we couldn’t be more thrilled. For a little bit of inspiration, we’ve amassed quite the collection of gingham-infused looks that we can’t wait to try for fall.

This season, we’re wearing our gingham statement tops with vintage jeans and denim skirts alike, opting for one-and-done jumpsuits topped with edgy leather jackets, and investing in a few go-to mini dresses that will take us through morning, noon and night. For all that and more, check out exactly how we’re going to keep wearing gingham long into autumn weather.


Fall Gingham

The Casual Cool

Fall is all about the denim—especially that just-perfect vintage fit that boasts a wide leg and easy ankle crop. This season, try making your off-duty look a little more festive with the addition of a bright feminine gingham statement top.

The One-and-Done

We love a jumpsuit, all four seasons of the year. It’s a great fall wardrobe addition, too, especially in a bold black-and-white gingham. As the weather begins to turn brisk, top that look with an edgy leather jacket for a sassy-but-sweet look.

The Day-To-Night Look

When you’re looking for that single piece that will take you through morning, noon, and night, look no further than the gingham dress. Especially when paired with block heels and some awesome sleek hoop earrings, you’re good to go. Consider adding a bit of color with a whimsical bracelet stack, too!

The Preppy Print-Mixer

No matter how classic your style, it’s always a good idea to try print-mixing. This styling method is especially chic when you mix classic patterns like gingham, polka dot, subtle embroidery and even leopard.

The Elevated ‘90s Girl

As we grow up, we still yearn for the nostalgia of the ‘90s, but there’s a fresh, more feminine direction to take with all those grunge-based favorites of your childhood. When reaching for that denim skirt this fall, consider adding a black-and-white gingham wrap top and slipping into a pair of backless flats.