What Our Fashion Editor Is Gifting Everyone On Her List

Giving gifts is one of my favorite aspects of the holiday season. As a fashion editor, my family and friends often look to me for style advice or info on the latest and greatest thing. More than dolling out advice, I love the thrill of seeing my loved ones unwrap items that I’ve astutely selected for them—I beam with excitement and wiggle in my seat waiting for their reaction. I’m often spot on, which makes me exceedingly happy. That’s the spirit of giving, right?

I put great thought into gifts despite waiting until the last minute to purchase said presents—a classic hurried shopper. This year, my list has grown as my modern family has expanded and more amazing friends have come into my life. Which means I’ve had to plan a bit more.

Here, see my curated list of gifts perfectly suited for my favorite people. I’m certain you, too, have a luxe-loving family member, beauty-obsessed friend, fitness fanatic or culinary enthusiast in your life who will be more than thrilled by one or more of these gifts. Get inspired.

Chiara Ferragni. Photo: Getty Images

Fashion Editor-Approved Gifts

For My Mom

My mom isn’t showy at all and never shops for herself. I want to treat her to a gorgeous, sleek wallet in red. It’s a timeless shade that will lend a pop of color to her wardrobe—plus, it doubles as a clutch for evening when she wants to only carry the essentials.

For My Dad

My dad recently moved to Portland and needs a few winter accessories to keep up with the chilly weather. This cashmere scarf is a luxurious option for him that he can still wear every day.

For My Boyfriend

My boyfriend keeps stealing my Beats when we travel so it’s high time he has his own pair.

For My Sister

I have a half-sister who is only seven and a budding fashionista. She’s super active so a pair of pink glitter sneakers is right up her alley. She’ll tell me they’re totally awesome.

For My Mom’s Fiancé

My mom’s fiancée loves a festive pair of socks to pop from under his suits for work and Pair Of Thieves has fun options that are colorful without appearing unprofessional. Getting him a few pairs for his stocking.

For My Dad’s Fiancé

My dad’s fiancé loves to workout, especially outside. This long-sleeve top is perfect for layering or on its own from yoga to an Orangetheory class.

For My Fashion-Girl Friend

My friend Mina loves a good logo and a fine affinity for pretty pink things. She’s going to adore this wool and cashmere beanie from Fendi—I can’t think of a person more perfectly suited to wear this all winter long.

For My Beauty-Obsessed Friend

My friend Nicole has a gorgeous head of hair that she colors quite often. She’ll more than appreciate this luxe hair treatment set by Oribe to keep her locks healthy and oh-so-lovely.

For My Travel-Obsessed Friend

My friend Jasmine loves to travel and she, too, has a gorgeous head of hair. She’s been experimenting with color a bit more, so this Chronologiste Travel Set is perfect for her fatigued strands. The formula literally nourished my hair back to life after I died it platinum. It’s the absolute best.

My Home Décor-Inclined Friends

My friends Matt and Jerry host in their apartment all the time. Their taste in décor is super chic and they totally appreciate a designer goodie. I figure these incense sticks are a fun way to woo them this holiday and the Gucci label will not be lost on them.

For My Long-Distance Friend

One of my closet friends, Jared, recently moved away and is settling into his new apartment. I’m sending him a luxurious sheet set to help set him up—the premium thread count will be more than treasured on his end.

For My Chef Friend

My friend Cody is a whiz in the kitchen and is always experimenting with innovative recipes that I’m far too scared to attempt. Luckily, he likes to share his creations, so I’m treating him to this stovetop pizza oven which is perfect for NYC living. Plus, it means I can have homemade pizza somewhat regularly. It’s a win, win.

For My Sister’s Mom

My sister’s mom appreciates a pared-back piece of jewelry and this customizable cuff bracelet is perfect. I will put her initials and my sisters on them for extra special meaning. The best part? It’s handmade from sustainable upcycled brass by artisans in Kenya to help increase their local businesses and increase their income.

For My Cousin

My cousin told me she’s looking for a cooler everyday bag—I can’t think of anything more perfect than this quilted and stud-adorned black leather shoulder bag.

For My Other Cousin

I can’t gift one cousin without the other and she made mention that she’s looking to experiment with the plush and fuzzy accessory trend. I think she’ll love this convertible faux-style that can be worn as a shoulder bag, cross-body or clutch.

For My Aunt

My aunt has an affinity for silk scarves and this Fleurs de Giverny print is so stunning. The colors will go perfectly with her auburn hair and warm skin tone.

For My Other Aunt

My aunt is super active and lives in the Midwest where is gets incredibly cold—I’m stocking her up on several pairs of Uniqlo’s extra warm Heattech leggings. I’m guessing she’ll live in them all winter.

For My Uncle

My uncle appreciates a good candle and this woodsy scent is perfectly seasonal for winter. He’ll love this for his home office.

My Boyfriend’s Sister

I recently went on and on about all the facemasks I love to my boyfriend’s sister and this ultra-hydrating mask is unreal. I have to get her a few.

My Boyfriend’s Mom

Also on the skincare front, my boyfriend’s mom and I were chatting winter dryness and I kept talking up my favorite moisturizer by NYDG Skincare. It’s incredibly soothing and rich for parched skin, but it’s super light so you can wear under makeup in the winter months. She needs to experience it.

For My Co-Worker

My co-worker has been eyeing these two-tone logo ear cuffs by Saint Laurent. It’s also her birthday during the holiday season, so I’m definitely treating her…fingers crossed she doesn’t read this before I get them to her.

For My Dog

I recently upgraded to a Casper mattress and let me tell you, it’s life-changing. I’ve decided my precious pup, Bingham absolutely needs a Casper of his own. He’s not spoiled at all.