5 Chic Ways To Wear Fall’s Trendiest Colors

This fall promises to be replete with color (we’re looking at you, red), but if you’re intimidated by it, don’t fret: Incorporating new shades through accessories is a safe place to start—and bags are the easiest way to make a statement without commanding too much attention. To guide your options, we tapped Madelynn Furlong, the Minneapolis-based influencer and creative director behind Wide Eyed Legless, who teamed up with Furla to show you the handbag colors you need this fall as well as how to style them effortlessly into your existing wardrobe.


TZR: You have an understated sense of style. When it comes to colors, which shades do you gravitate toward and why?

Madelynn Furlong: I dress mostly in neutrals because they make me feel confident and put together. I love a good pop of color, however, and tend to stick to blues, reds and pinks. They are easy colors to wear and mix in with all my neutrals.


TZR: Tell us how you'd recommend styling this bag.

MF: This is something I would wear to grab a coffee or brunch with a friend—and possibly even a date or night out! I love an oversize men's shirt and how easy and comfortable they are to wear. Plus, it dresses down the polished bag shape and I love the juxtaposition of the pink with the chambray.


TZR: For people who are timid when it comes to wearing color, what tips can you share for incorporating it into one's wardrobe?

MF: Start small! Buy a beautiful scarf and tie it to your handbag. A pair of earrings with a new color. Gradually see how much you wear your new item and then start buying larger and larger pieces.


TZR: This look is great for those who feel most comfortable wearing all black, as the navy twist is unexpected. Where would you wear this ensemble?

MF: Going all-navy is perfect for just about any occasion, and I love how the bag perfectly matches the top and skirt. Monochrome always looks polished!


TZR: Accessories are a great investment, as they can transition between seasons. What are some timeless qualities you recommend looking for when selecting accessories?

MF: Shop vintage and always invest in quality. For jewelry, I try to only invest in real gold or gold-plated. And for bags, I have started investing in designer pieces like Furla. That way, I know they will last, and if anything should happen, they can always be repaired.


TZR: This is a larger silhouette in a bold hue. Tell us about why you chose this look to pair with it.

MF: I went for something that felt slightly more mod. The red bag feels little bit sportier, so I wanted the look to feel the same, and I love how white really makes a bag's color pop.


TZR: You subscribe to the concept of a curated closet. Tell us a little about what that means and how that works for you.

MF: I do, and I love it. Currently it's a bit open-ended, as I feel like I'm in a phase of exploring my personal style. But I still keep my closet pretty small and make sure that I wear and love everything I own. I spent years investing in quality basic pieces and now add a few fun trendy pieces every season. And when I feel like I am not loving something anymore, I cycle it out and make room for something new and fresh. But my basics always stick around. One day I would love to get down to owning as little as 20 pieces.


TZR: Yellow has been enjoying a resurgence, and this version is really bold. Tell us how you make it work.

MF: This hue is challenging, as it's not a color I regularly wear, but styled simply with a leather jacket and jeans, it feels cool and perfect for a chilly fall evening. The varsity vibe and guitar-style strap keep it from feeling too precious, and it adds a dose of fun to the whole ensemble.