Ultra-Chic Gifts From Target That Will Cover Everyone On Your List

Our love for Target runs deep—seriously, what’s not to love about a store where you can grab everything from toilet paper to digital cameras? So of course, when it comes to holiday shopping, you better believe we’re crossing as many gifts off our list as we can from this one-stop shop. And beyond that, a slew of things we’re asking for this year can be found at good ol’ Target (pronounced with a French accent, obviously). We thought it only appropriate to gather one big fat gift guide with things we think our loved ones will adore—and, selfishly, things we too adore—from cozy slippers (that one’s for mom) to a smoothie maker (for our bestie who’s on a health kick … again). Scroll through to find all the goodies to shop this holiday season.

Homepage Image: @targetstyle