A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Powerhouse

When it comes to fashion, Lucy Yeomans is a major powerhouse for a number of reasons. Not only does she hold one of the most coveted fashion jobs on the planet as the Editor-in-Chief of Net-A-Porter’s glossy magazine, Porter, and its online weekly magazine, The Edit , but she also clocked 12 years as the Editor-in-Chief of British Harper’s Bazaar, all while holding court in the front row of all the major fashion shows—always looking impossibly chic. Here, the visionary gives us a glimpse into her typical work day.

Lucy Yeomans, Editor-in-Chief of Porter & The Edit

Photo: Neil Rasmus/BFANYC.com

How do you spend the first hour of the day?

"I start my day either reading or painting with my 3-year-old daughter, Red, before taking her to school, and, on the two days a week when I run, it’s a 6 a.m. start so I can whip up and down the canal in Little Venice for 40 minutes before she wakes up."

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What did you have for breakfast?

"My perfect breakfast is porridge with bananas, strawberries and honey—and a handful of vitamin pills. I can’t handle coffee at any time of day!"

What are you wearing today?

"Skinny black Frame Denim jeans, a Saint Laurent sheer blouse, a Talitha black suede-and-embroidery cape and Givenchy black sandals."

What was your first meeting of the day?

"A breakfast meeting with Jo Allison, the PR Director for Chanel UK at The Wolseley in Mayfair."

What are your office essentials in order to be productive?

"Green tea, a 'to do' list pinned to my desk (I’ve tried digital versions, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of crossing items off with a marker pen) and then—if it's not totally inappropriate to call my right hand woman an 'essential'—my brilliant, always-upbeat and ridiculously organized assistant, Claire."

What inspired you today?

"My daughter’s pre-breakfast painting, which had something of a Cy Twombly about it!"

What is your guilty pleasure of the day?

"Chocolate macaroons—whenever I am lucky enough to be sent some. (Thank you, Chopard, for the ones currently on my desk!)"

What did you do after work?

"I put my daughter to bed and then accompanied my other half, Jason Brooks, as he took some collectors around his new show Origins at the Marlborough Gallery on Albemarle Street."

What is your beauty ritual before bed?

"If I am staying in, I will definitely spend half an hour in the bath with a Sisley, black-rose face mask on, catching up on all the unanswered emails of the day—not to mention my Instagram account."

What are you dreaming about these days?

"Holidays! Spending time with Red and Jason. Bare feet. Swimming pools. Rosé. Windswept beaches. Not blow-drying my hair for a week. Sunsets. Time away from my computer."