Last-Minute Costumes Inspired By Iconic Spooky Films

Horror films are great for getting your heart rate up, but surprisingly, they’re also good for looking to for iconic fashion moments. Whether you’re still looking for a costume idea, are a lover of scary movies, or know nothing about them at all, this is the place to be. Take a look back at 7 iconic horror films that of course, all have killer (for lack of a better word) fashion. Click through to see stand out characters from the films, with outfits inspired by each of their roles. Let us know which scary movies are your favorites in the comments below!


The Shining

The Grady twins are just one of the many haunting aspects of The Shining. Watch as a family takes over an isolated hotel that ends up revealing a violent, gruesome past.

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Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands was made by a scientist who died before he could put all the finishing touches on him, leaving Edward with scissor-like blades for hands.

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The Birds

Melanie Daniels is your typical socialite who meets a rich laywer in a pet store in San Francisco, and decides to play a practical joke on him. Along the way, birds in the area start violently attacking her and the surrounding area.

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Queen of the Damned

This character, Akasha, is the queen of all the vampires. Her power is so great that all immortal vampires must go against her if they want any chance to live.

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Rosemary's Baby

In Rosemary's Baby, a young couple moves into an apartment in Manhattan, accompanied by neighbors that are suspicious to say the least. When Rosemary becomes mysteriously pregnant, the pending birth of her child causes paranoia and anxiety.



Suzy, from Suspiria, moves to Germany to attend a ballet school. As she begins to settle in, she notices the murders and deaths of multiple students in the school. It is soon made clear that this place has a horrible secret.

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Daughters of Darkness

A young, newlywed couple makes a trip to a hotel in Belgium. The couple is at first alone, until a middle-age Countess, Elizabeth Bathory joins them. She ends up being involved in multiple murders throughout a nearby city and ends up corrupting the couple.