Haute Headphones

by Tyler Love

Hello, rock star! The first words to come out of my mouth when I initially laid eyes on these Foldable Headphones by iWave pretty much sum up my thoughts. I mean, have you ever seen anything so cool? Decked out in Swarovski Elements—like, a million of them—and featuring superior sound quality, they will match the beat in your step with some serious shine.

Whether you are a chic DJ, music lover or just have an affinity for shiny things—guilty—you are sure to fall hard for these headphones. Sleek, stylish and extremely sparkly, they will stream your favorite tunes flawlessly for a sound that is crystal clear—pun intended—while majorly accessorizing your look. I personally use them to rock out with my iPod, but for all of you fashionable DJs out there, the exceptional sound quality is ideal for mixing and recording too. Put your hands up for iWave‘s headphones! xoRZ

Availability: iWave DJ Foldable Headphones ($2500). For additional information, visit Iwaveaudio.com.