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I’m Capitalizing On The Crescent Bag’s Cool Factor This Spring

Join me, won’t you?

crescent bags
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Like so many Y2K-adjacent trends, crescent-shaped handbags have been percolating in the fashion world ether for several seasons now. Lately, however, I’ve started to notice a shift around the buzzy arm candy. Suddenly it’s not just something I can’t only find by way of shopping luxury brands or through scrolling ad nauseam on resale sites — the style seems to have gone fully mainstream, with covetable options both on the high and low end of the spending spectrum.

This is fabulous news for my wardrobe because, really, does any purse make an outfit look simultaneously fun and polished like a cheeky little half moon-shaped design? To me, carrying one says you’re a person who likes their outfits to have extra personality, but in a subtle way; not with anything too kitschy or obvious. It’s an accessory that slyly winks at the world, signaling that, sure, you could’ve gone with an elegant little lady satchel, but instead went for a sleek and kind of sexy little carryall... and aren’t you pulling it off perfectly?

Well, at least that’s the narrative I’ll be playing in my head when I break out any one of the pieces I’m eyeing below this spring. Join me by scrolling down to shop my selection.