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Coco Bassey’s Secret To Effortless Style Is Comfy & Quality Pieces

She has some shopping recs for you.

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Courtesy of Coco Bassey
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Few feelings ignite more panic than running behind because you don’t know what to wear. File away some fail-safe outfit ideas to fall back on with TZR’s Fashionably Late series, where we tap our favorite tastemakers for the looks they reach for in a rush — and, naturally, the exact products you need to follow suit.

Take a look at Coco Bassey’s Instagram page and you’ll see that the content creator is the master of easy, no-fuss style. Everything she wears — say a white dress at a Tom Ford beauty event or T-shirt and jeans while painting a wall — feels impeccably laid-back yet well thought out. According to Bassey, the secret to how she achieves this “I’m not trying too hard” vibe lies in two adjectives that define her personal style: elevated comfort. In other words, when she’s wearing pieces that don’t cause her pain, she looks and feels her best. “I’ll always opt for a chic low heel over six-inch stilettos, or something flowy and breathable over anything that’s too constricting,” she tells TZR over email.

Moreover, Bassey says she’ll invest in luxe, quality items like a Bottega Veneta pump or a nice pair of jeans, to give her outfits a polished finish, even when she’s just in basics. As for specific silhouettes that channel her signature aesthetic? You’ll find them in her go-to outfit combination. “I love a pair of wide or straight-leg pants, paired with a figure-hugging top,” she says, giving one example of a look she keeps coming back to. “Loose bottoms are always so easy to throw on, and wearable in any kind of weather. Plus, a bodycon top keeps the outfit [feeling] intentional, feminine and chic.” For her finishing touches, the influencer gravitates toward statement earrings (and owns a lot of them).

There you have it: Bassey’s approach to effortless dressing is really, well, effortless! Ahead, the creative shares several essential pieces you’ll need to achieve the same vibe, wherever the day takes you.

Courtesy of Coco Bassey

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