Chrissy Teigen Steps Out Looking Fabulous—But The Internet Is Not Happy About It

New mom Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend snuck out for a quick dinner a week after welcoming their new baby Luna. We are always inspired when new moms step out looking like a million bucks but more importantly, for getting out in the first place—since it’s hard to break away, even for only a moment. So we were shocked when the internet shamed Chrissy for being away from her newborn. (The backlash included a wave of haters voicing their rage and adding negative comments to her social media pages.) We think the critical reaction is unwarranted, as carving out time for yourself and for your beau are two highly important components of finding your path as a mother. Looking super fabulous, well, that’s an added bonus if you can pull it together—which Chrissy did flawlessly. Cheers and congrats to the couple—and to all moms out there who can squeeze in a dinner date, with or without the support of the world wide web!