How The Fashion Industry Celebrates The Holidays

Feeling festive this morning? So are your favorite designers, editors and street style stars. Because Instagram is impossible to keep up with during the holidays (so many Insta-worthy moments, so little time to check your feed), here’s a quick recap of how the fashion industry is celebrating this year. Spoiler alert: They’re just like everyone else…plus some extra glitter.

They Wrap Their Gifts In Glam Paper

Photo: @bat_gio

They Struggle With Which Clutch To Wear To Dinner

Photo: @tamumcpherson

They Take Selfies In Santa Hats

Photo: @stellamccartney

They Embrace Normcore Activities

Photo: @derekblasberg

They Partake In Winter Sports

Photo: @poppydelevingne

They Break Out The Sparkly Jewelry

Photo: @beeshaffer

They Cozy Up In Designer Accessories

Photo: @laurabrown99

They Use Their Most Festive China

Photo: @zac_posen

They Dress Up Their Unamused Pets

Photo: @dannijo

They Wear Ugly Christmas Pajamas

Photo: @harleyvnewton

They Indulge In Glitter Accessories

Photo: @tabithasimmons

They Party With Their Coworkers

Photo: @manrepeller

They Anticipate Christmas Morning

Photo: @nataporter

They Show Off Their Stocking Stuffers

Photo: @gucciwestman

They Bake Pies And Drink Champagne

Photo: @hillarykerr

They Get Gifted...A Lot

Photo: @iamnaomicampbell

They Make Easy DIYs Look Chic

Photo: @jenmeyerjewelry

They Kiss Under The Mistletoe

Photo: @chungalexa

They Host Parties In Heels

Hi, boss! Photo: @rachelzoe