Can a woman of a larger size be fashionable?

by The Zoe Report

Dear Zoe!

Do you think it is possible for a woman of a larger size to be fashionable? What is your best fashion advice for a big women?

Love your show and your sense for fashion and accessories!

Best regards, Kristine R.

Dear Kristine,

My number one mantra with any body type—be it full figure, petite or somewhere in between—is to find confidence and comfort in your best assets. I tell all of my clients to take a really good look in the mirror, determine what those features are and run with them! By accentuating the positive, you will look and feel your best.

My advice to curvy women in particular…wear tailored pieces, open necklines and statement-making belts. If you are fuller on the bottom, wear an a-line skirt and something fitted on top to show off your waist. Avoid baggy clothes. Despite what many women think, wearing something voluminous to hide your curves will only make you look bigger. Stick with darker colors, they are more flattering for everyone, and steer away from bulky fabrics like tweed, wool, or knits. If you love your boobs or derriere…show them off for god’s sake! Fashion does not discriminate—no matter what your size, all women (and men) should look beautiful and embrace what they love most. xoRZ