How To Break The Rules On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day break the rules and think outside the box! Turn the tables and buy your own diamonds, throw a PJ party with your besties and opt for a non-red manicure—we’re certain that these 3 little tricks will bring some happiness to your day—regardless of your dating status.

Here's To Breaking The Rules!

Buy Your Own Diamonds

The only thing better than having someone give you diamonds, is buying them yourself. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to splurge on a pretty bauble: For you, from you! Need inspiration? Serpent jewelry is having a serious moment.

Have A PJ Party

Avoid crowed overbooked restaurants and host a cozy PJ party with your girlfriends, watch a rom-com and snuggle up with a glass of bubbly. Note to self: Get cute PJs!

Anything-But-Red Manicure

Red polish is classic, but on Valentine's Day it's not the most original fashion statement. Skip the standard red manicure and go for a sparkly dark bordeaux, vibrant fuchsia, or all-out white.