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These Chic & Comfy Shoes Are Helping Me Navigate The Holiday Party Scene

My go-tos.

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Samantha Scott
best winter heels
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In entering my 30s, I’ve steadily become a comfy shoe girl. The feet of my teens and early 20s are simply not the same feet I’m catering to today. Like most city girls, I get around by walking or taking public transit and, in turn, seek sturdy options that can survive the elements and won’t cause me pain. My usual rotation consists of sneakers, clogs (Brother Vellies or Birkenstock options are my typical go-tos for everyday wear) and low, chunky heels. Now that I can afford it, I try to invest in high-quality shoes that will last or, at the very least, be worth repairing. (Although, once in a while I come across a deal I can’t refuse. I spent most of the summer stomping around Brooklyn in a shockingly comfortable pair of two-inch square toe sandals from Target.) And this rule stands for my winter going-out heels, as well.

Yes, now that it’s officially cold, I’ve been trying to create the same comfort-centric magic without freezing my toes off. Enter statement-making formal options that will not only work for a variety of occasions but also won’t fall apart despite consistent wear. Now, my picks for favorite, formal cold-weather footwear are not always the most practical at first glance. But, when paired with the right winter layers — tights, leggings, socks, etc — they become the perfect vehicles for navigating the chilly holiday party scene.

Ahead, check out my go-to going out heels for the icy months ahead.

I finally snagged these cult-favorite sandals this past spring and I’m excited to pair them with printed, patterned, and brightly-colored socks for added warmth and flavor.

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