14 Clever Ways To Keep Your Purses Organized

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia
Interior of modern dressing room

When it comes to smart storage solutions for accessories, handbags are often overlooked. In a world where hats have literal racks named after them, totes and clutches are left to sit on countertops or hide behind coats in the entryway. Luckily, if you've been struggling to figure out the best ways to store purses, there are a few organizational gems out there that can help, and you'll find them rounded up just ahead.

If you're tight on extra storage space, there are hanging bag organizers that are designed to go over doors or closet rods and display your handbags in an attractive cascade. Closet shelves can also be a haven for your bags, provided that you have a set of dividers to help keep them neat.

If you own any investment bags, you'll want to ensure they get extra protection to keep them looking pristine. Whether it's an heirloom clutch with fragile beading or a luxury designer tote, you can keep them safe in storage bags that are dust-proof and waterproof. There are also silky smooth pillow inserts that will help your bags retain their shape (similar to how you would store a pair of tall boots).

With certain season changes, some bags will need a place to hibernate. Though some aren't specifically designed for handbags, there are stylish and well-made cubbies and boxes that offer up elegant solutions for long-term storage.

Whatever your needs and constraints might be, you'll find a list of the best handbag storage solutions, ahead — all conveniently available on Amazon.


An Over-The-Door Organizer With Protective Sleeves

These over-the-door organizers will make the most out of underused space in a clever way. Each chrome hanger has six, clear slots that keep purses protected and visible, so you'll always be able to reach for the right one. Four of the slots are big enough for larger purses, while the two at the top are smaller and therefore ideal for clutches and wallets. Choose from four colors, including brown (pictured), white, gray, and black.


These Sleek Acrylic Dividers To Help Bags Stay Upright On A Shelf

A closet shelf is a perfect spot for accessories, but bags can become misshapen or topple over easily unless they're organized in a smart way. This set of acrylic dividers creates five compartments that you can adjust to fit any size bag from your collection. Just note they slide on (and stay on) best to shelves that are between 0.75 and 0.95 inches thick. The clear panels are also available in packs of two, six, and eight, though the eight-pack comes in a different design.


A Stylish Coat Rack That Can Be Used As A Purse Tree

If you prefer to keep your bags within close reach, this metal tree is a well-designed, multipurpose solution with nine "branches" that come in two alternating lengths. The larger branches can accommodate two or more bags each, and the stand has a wide, weighty base that won't easily topple over under the weight of heavy totes, coats, or backpacks.


These Discreet Linen Boxes That You Can Slide Under Your Bed

If you're looking for the best way to store your purses under the bed or at the back of the closet, these linen storage cubes will be perfect. Each box has a removable divider so you can make space for larger bags, and, thanks to the lids, your pocketbooks will remain dust-free. Thıs four-pack comes in classic black (pictured), as well as two other color combos: blue and beige, and pink, gray, and beige.


A Vertical Purse Hanger That Maximizes Your Closet Space

This hanging purse organizer makes use of your closet's vertical space to store 10 bags of various sizes. Down the center, there are two small and two medium compartments, while the six outer pockets can accommodate bigger bags. The organizer hangs on two stainless steel hooks, so it can easily be slid along your closet rod as needed.


An Elegant, Fabric Dresser With Room For Purses Of All Sizes

More polished than most other storage solutions, this fabric dresser offers plenty of places to tuck away your accessories and display some on top. With an 11.8- inch depth, it's still narrow enough to fit into a large closet, though the dresser would look great in an entryway as well. It's also very spacious and durable, with its five reinforced drawers, steel frame, and wooden handles. Besides gray (pictured), you can also get this small chest in espresso brown or charcoal gray.


A Set Of 3 Curved Purse Hangers That Are Super Sturdy

The curved, rimmed design of these clever purse hangers will keep straps from slipping off and prevent them from stretching or losing their shape. The durable, plastic hooks can accommodate straps up to 1.5 inches wide, though one Amazon reviewer who described them as "super sturdy" shared that they even hung one larger, shopper style tote and placed a handful of smaller bags inside. Besides the three-pack (featured) and two-pack, you can also grab just one one individually.


An Easy Way To Keep Clutches & Wallets Organized

Wallets and clutches are notoriously difficult to organize — they're hard to stack neatly and tend to get lost in the backs of closets and shelves. That's why this cool metal organizer is a great solution for storing your tiniest accessories. The tabletop container is made from steel that has a rust-resistant finish, and comes with five slots to keep your palm-sized bags upright and easily accessible. Choose from three colors.


A Clever Pillow Insert That Helps Handbags Retain Their Shape

Though tissue paper stuffing and even bubble wrap can work well to retain your purse's shape while it’s not in use, they're not as long-lasting, nor are they good for the environment. The patented design of this purse shaper pillow is made from a silky, hypoallergenic fabric that provides protection against moisture, and can be reused season to season. The pillow inserts are also available in other sizes, including petite, medium, and grande. Or, pick up the four-pack starter kit which includes all of the different sizes.


Another Space-Saving Hanger For Small Closets

Without individual sleeves or "slots", this hanging purse organizer gives you more freedom to store bags of many shapes and sizes. The chrome hanger has 12 hooks, each capable of supporting several bags, though to maximize space, you’ll want to hang bulkier purses towards the bottom. To accommodate an extra-plentiful collection, you can also get it in a two-pack.


These Stackable Cubes That Can Be Configured To Fit Any Space

This modular shelving unit's six cubes can be arranged into almost any shape. The cubbies are easy to construct using the included connectors, and have iron frames that are incredibly durable. The frosted white option, pictured, won't overwhelm small spaces, but it also comes in classic black, gray, and pink. Over 3,000 Amazon reviewers have awarded this organizer a perfect, five-star rating, which is also available in a larger set of 16 cubes.


These Clear Waterproof Totes To Keep Purses Extra Protected

Waterproof and dust-proof, these transparent purse cases will keep your leather or metal-accented bags safe from wear-and-tear and humidity. Like the handbags they protect, the plastic coverings have zippers and handles so that they can be used with any of the hanging organizers featured above, or displayed neatly on a shelf. This set includes three dust bags in three varying sizes, but they're also available individually in medium, large, and extra-large sizes.


Or, An Affordable Pack Of Drawstring Dust Bags With A Peekaboo Window

Another great (and affordable) way to keep your purses protected in storage, these drawstring bags are made from a soft, non-woven fabric that's dust-proof and moisture-proof. The clear windows make it easy to see what's inside, and the drawstring ties can be used to hang purses. In addition to gray (pictured), these handy bags are also available in white, brown, and black.


A Genius Handbag Hook For The Car

These purse hooks grip onto car headrests, so you can suspend your handbag or grocery tote and never worry about spilling the contents of either when you make a sharp turn or have to swiftly break. Each hook can hold up to 18 pounds and can easily be rotated so you can keep your stuff within reach in the front seat, too. If your car has a darker interior, there's also a black version.