The Accessory You Need To Buy For Spring 2021, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find your star-crossed must-have.

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The best accessories for your zodiac sign
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If you are already archiving your favorite Insta-looks in anticipation of warm weather dressing, you can count yourself among kindred spirits. With spring on the horizon, a fresh set of looks are eagerly awaiting your attention. But this season, instead of burying yourself in your most coveted online retailers or scouring through your favorite influencer’s outfit pics from last summer, trust your star sign to tell you what your spring closet needs. In conjunction with the universe, we’ve found the best spring trend for your zodiac sign.

You can’t go wrong when dressing within the bounds of your character, and this spring and summer there are plenty of irresistible trends worth adding to cart. From the coveted runways of Khaite, Kenzo, and Givenchy come resourceful and sensible trends such as the supersized tote and the pillow sandal — harmonious with the grounded nature of the earth signs. For the bold and energetic fire signs, this season was seeping with vibrant hues and maximal jewelry to keep your looks bold and bright. The analytical air signs can find elevated yet progressive trends [let's cite an example here] to update their well-curated wardrobes, while the water signs embrace their imaginative side at the hands of industry-favorite designers like Chanel and Bottega Veneta.

Whether you’re a Gemini, Taurus, or Pisces, the must-try trends are abundant, sometimes to the point of being overwhelming. If you’re in need of divine assistance, make this your comprehensive guide for surfing the web in search of your soon-to-be staple pieces. Keep scrolling to shop your star-crossed accessory for this spring.

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Aries Trend: Highlighter Tones

For the bold and ambitious Aries, neon hues are a welcome parallel. Exuding confidence and cheerfulness like that of the fire sign, these high-voltage hues are a dynamic addition to your wardrobe. Highlighter-tone accessories can play off of other energetic tones and patterns or punch up a neutral outfit.

Taurus Trend: Puffy Sandals

The serene and comfort-seeking Taurus would be right at home in a luxurious pair of puffy sandals. Distinguishing features include padded straps and a cushy sole like that of your beloved pillow. Pair these plush sandals up with a silky slip dress or down with a matching lounge set.

Gemini Trend: Two-Tone

Infamously represented by the twin symbol, Geminis are known for their duality and two-sided nature much like that of this season’s two-tone trend. This “split” trend has been seen on the runways of designers like Gabriela Hearst and Marni in both clothing and accessories. It can add interest to your neutral looks while giving a subtle nod to your double-edged sign.

Cancer Trend: Hardware Jewelry

With an innate desire for self-protection, the Cancer has a rough exterior similar to that of this season’s hardware jewelry trend. Characterized by chunky chain and punk motifs, these pieces are synonymous with the distant and precautionary nature of Cancers. Toughen up your warm-weather looks with carabiner necklaces, lock earrings, and spiky rings.

Leo Trend: Rectangular Statement Frames

The royal and theatrical Leos have naturally strong personalities that love the spotlight. In bold hues or with gleaming embellishments, these rectangular sunglasses are a standout piece that will top off a daring look. The Leo is guaranteed to be the main character in these vibrant-toned frames.

Virgo Trend: Necklace Bags

The resourceful and very logical Virgo can value this multipurpose trend. The first cousin to the belt bag, these necklace purses combine function and fashion to give you a very sensible, and equally cute, accessory. Pack up your tiniest belongings in these micro-pouches.

Libra Trend: Geometric Bags

The balance-seeking Libra will love the symmetry and equilibrium of a geometric bag. Offering structure, form, and function, these shapely purses are aligned with the high taste level and aesthetic of the air sign. This innovative sign appreciates the unique but harmonious structures of these angular bags.

Scorpio Trend: Netted Shoes

The enigmatic and sensual nature of this ambitious sign aligns with the boldness of netted footwear. From a sultry black pump to an electric yellow heel, this trend captures the adventurous and passionate sides of the powerful Scorpio. Get ready to be caught up in more iterations of the netting trend this season, including woven hats and fisherman-style net bags.

Sagittarius Trend: Beachy Jewelry

Known for their adventurous spirit, Sagittarius women are witty storytellers and travel-minded individuals. Beachy shell-embellished jewelry exudes a similar wanderlust and well-traveled aura that the archer can appreciate. These marine-inspired jewels range from statement pieces to kitschy layering bits that can be combined in playful and colorful ways.

Capricorn Trend: Oversized Tote

The practical and hardworking Capricorn will appreciate the high functionality of the oversized tote bag. An ideal work bag, these store-all totes are aligned with the earth sign’s workaholic tendencies. Invest in these supersized silhouettes for your everyday endeavors and your weekend getaways.

Aquarius Trend: Fisherman Sandals

The nonconformist Aquarius is known to be progressive and somewhat rebellious. The fisherman sandal is the ultimate cool-girl trend, well-cast with this free-spirited and nontraditional sign. In neutral tones, these sandals are a grounding companion to both your spring denim and your summer sundress.

Pisces Trend: Iridescent

This fantastical water sign is in a constant state of balancing dreams and reality, a state that's reflected in playful and imaginative iridescent accessories. Like Pisces, the colors of these pieces adapt to their surroundings. Use these wondrous pieces to liven up your white T-shirt and jeans all season long.

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