The Spring Shoes All Petite Girls Should Own

We know the deal. The ballet flats or super-cute loafers your vertically gifted friend is always sporting overwhelm you with jealousy, but you come in just above five feet, and they’re not realistic options for you if you want to look your best. We got you. This summer’s hottest shoe trend is ideal for the petite chick who wants to embrace the casually cool look of a flat without losing all the inches a heel or wedge provide–let us introduce you to the flatform. Thanks to brands of all price ranges getting in on the elevated action, you can easily put this footwear fad into your rotation without breaking the bank. (Although there are also cute options that do cost a pretty bundle if you’re into that type of thing. Hello, Celine.) However, we must note that flatforms do come with a slight caveat: They can be a little tricky to walk in. So the takeaway is this: Get yourself a pair and practice around your apartment before heading out on the town—because, you know, there is nothing chic about taking a tumble in public.

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