A New Eco-Chic Handbag Line To Love

What do you look for when shopping for a handbag? Color? Shape? Quality? All of the above, please! But nowadays there is another crucial component to keep in mind: eco-consciouness. Merging a high-fashion aesthetic with a mindful intention, new accessories label Simon+Krull has all of their bases covered.

Conceived in Los Angeles and produced fully on US soil, these must-have handbags are considered a happy accident by designer Kendra Krull. “I’ve always loved designing. When I was younger, it was deconstructing clothes from the thrift store and as I grew older it was building furniture; finally the two came together and hello handbags!”

Ursa I Backpack ($1299)

Though becoming a handbag designer was unplanned, once the adventure started Krull vowed to do it right by always sourcing eco-conscious materials. From her vision to our hands, the debut collection grabbed our attention on account of a striking appearance alone — cue: smart silhouettes, chic details and majorly gorgeous hues — learning of the label’s eco element was just an added bonus.

“I think everyone would purchase from eco-conscious lines if they were readily available to them,” says Krull who implements byproduct fish leather, vegetable dye and cruelty-free ultra suede fabric in her design process. “I hope to see the entire industry head in this direction. I have faith that will be coming very soon.” We couldn’t agree more!

Availability: Simon + Krull Handbags ($299-$1690).