We’re Crushing On Blush Jewels From Phillips House

It is clear that blush is one of the IT colors of the season showing up in everything from rose sandals to pale pink manicures. This pretty hue can be found in fine jewelry via our favorite crystal of the moment, rose quartz. Phillips House fine jewelry, founded by a mother-daughter team in Miami Beach in 2011, just launched their No. 3 Collection which is a fresh departure from the way we usually see rose quartz. By placing the crystals in delicate yellow gold and pave diamond, the majestic settings gives rose quartz a new authority as the crown jewel. Since rose quartz is a crystal and isn’t as expensive as gemstones like rubies and sapphires, the stones are more accessible and can be more substantial.

Availability: Phillips House No. 3 Collection ($1,550-$5,300)

Style rose quartz jewelry with an edgy look to offset the feminine vibe:

Satin Tank

Loose Fit Shorts

Pointy Toe Pumps

Natural Lipstick

Get The Look For Under $300