The Genius Way To Reinvent Your Handbags

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If you’re currently in the process of spring cleaning your entire closet, you are likely to end up with a pile of handbags you no longer use but can’t bear to part with. Since the KonMari method says you should always keep items that bring you joy, we are inspired to go one step further and figure out ways to resurrect these prized possessions. Enter: the ever-stylish Kendall Jenner. Seen recently on the streets carrying the iconic Balenciaga City bag, we noticed a cool add-on in the form of an embroidered guitar strap. We plan to steal this hack to revitalize everything from outdated saddlebags to weekend duffels to Coachella-ready crossbody styles. Trust us, this bohemian detail will be the linchpin of an effortless ’70s vibe this spring.

Strap Happy