Bowling With The Homies

by The Zoe Report

In order to prevent the post-present depression that often bubbles up the day after Christmas, we resolved to distract ourselves with a remarkably standout supplement: Jil Sander’s Novarra Metallic Leather Bowling Bag. With a timeless silhouette and modern metallic finish, it is a no-brainer carryall to dream about adding to one’s accessory arsenal.

Whether or not you possess bona fide bowling skills is no matter, because this copper carrier will see to it that every outfit is a strike. Embossed in a stunning reptile design, it vows to add texture to every ensemble effortlessly—and who wouldn’t want that? Begging to be your main squeeze in 2013, wrap your hands around Jil Sander’s too-cool treasure, and you’ll find yourself in a whole new league of chic.

Availability: Jil Sander Novarra Metallic Leather Bowling Bag($1767). For additional information, visit Jilsander.com.