15 Fresh Ways To Stack Your Earrings

Multiple piercings, layering earrings, ear cuffs and jackets are having a major fashion moment. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t double click a photo of an expertly decorated lobe on a jewelry designer or It girl’s Instagram account. When assembling a stylish mix of your own, pay attention to spacing and diversity of design. If you have several piercings, opt for delicate pieces and if you only have a single piercing, go for this season’s pièce de résistance: the diamond ear cuff. Here, 15 ideas for how to stack your sparkle this summer.

Stack 'Em Up

Anita Ko

There is nothing wrong with diamonds on diamonds on diamonds.


Arik Kastan

When mixing gemstones, make sure the colors work together.


Broken English

Monochromatic earrings in descending size is always chic (with or without pink hair!).


EF Collection

Try using a cuff at the top of the ear, instead of the bottom where they are traditionally placed.


Jacquie Aiche

Sometimes more is more!



Don't shy away from dramatic ear cuffs, you'll find they will quickly become an every-day staple.


Logan Hollowell

A constellation of diamonds on your ear? Sign us up!


Ruby Stella

These cuffs are perfect if you only have a single piercing—the top end has a cuff to secure it.


Jennifer Meyer

When in doubt, use a combo of tiny studs and delicate hoops.


Zoe Chicco

Ear jackets—the decoration that is attached to the back of an earring post—are officially a massive trend not to be missed.



Dangling earrings can work together, but it's best to choose styles that don't compete.


Smith + Mara

For lots of piercings, opt for delicate chains, bars and hoops.


Mason Stanley

Can you wear ear jackets, cuffs and hoops all at once? Absolutely!


Sydney Evan

Pyramid studs are a classic design and a trend that is here to stay—so double up!


Dana Rebecca

Mixing metals with earrings, rings and bracelets is perfectly acceptable—in fact, we encourage it!