How To Look Hot When Bumping Into An Ex

Break ups happen to everyone—most recently Sienna Miller who has reportedly just ended her relationship with long-time beau Tom Sturridge. Amongst the multitude of tough post-relationship situations one is inevitably faced with, running into your ex ranks at the top of the list. There is the dreaded accidental run-in (typically after leaving the gym sans makeup or cleaning up after your dog), but almost more stressful is the planned get-together. Whether you’re both attending the same afternoon barbecue or a mutual friend’s birthday dinner, picking your outfit is sure to be more anxiety-provoking than usual. Fear not, we have two looks guaranteed to turn heads without looking like you tried too hard. So step away from the too-sexy bandage dress (or the oversized sweats you’ve been living in) and hold your head high.

Sienna Miller

Photo: Getty Images


For day, opt for a feminine sundress and lace-up sandals for a carefree vibe.


A plunging jumpsuit and sedate accessories look reliably glamorous.