Knock on Wood

by The Zoe Report

If you are someone who identifies with the fashion world, you probably have days when people look at you like you’re crazy—I know I do. But never let that discourage you. Anytime you find yourself the subject of a “What on earth is she wearing?” comment, it usually means you are doing your job right! For instance, when Karl Lagerfeld sent a slew of less-than-conventional clogs down Chanel’s spring runway, many people questioned his genius at first, but the wooden-soled shoe has become one of the hottest trends of the season!

Taking a cue from the Dutch, Lagerfeld crafted this chunky timber platform to complement many of his spring looks, and in doing so, gives us a new kind of cool. With a thick and sturdy heel and bronze stud detailing, you cannot help but covet them for yourself! Slip into a towering pair—Chanel or one of the many other choices out there—with a peasant-like blouse and long jersey skirt for a carefree stylish look. Clog-dancing optional. xoRZ

Availability: CHANEL 5’O’Clog Mules ($1795, 800.550.0005). For additional retailer information, visit Chanel.com.