30 Clever Products On Amazon That Make Your Clothes & Shoes Look New Again

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by Julia O'Donnell
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While there’s certainly nothing wrong with buying new clothes that you love, there’s another way to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh. By taking steps to mend, tailor, and properly care for the clothes (and shoes) in your closet, you’ll not only extend the life of your most cherished pieces, but you'll also be taking a step toward making fashion more sustainable — and the fact that it can save you money doesn’t hurt, either. All you need is to have the right tools on hand, like these products that make your clothes and shoes look new again, rounded up ahead.

Whether your favorite white sneakers have seen better days or you’re hoping to keep your outwear collection looking flawless for years to come, you’ll have no problem finding products on this list that are relevant to your current wardrobe. Some of these picks have been trusted by fashion insiders for decades, while others are completely unique. Either way, each has earned a stellar reputation among Amazon reviewers because they’re easy to use, affordable, and, most importantly, they actually work.

Feeling inspired? Just keep reading — and get ready to be reintroduced to killer pieces that you probably forgot you owned.


The Fan-Favorite Fabric Shaver That Reviewers Can't Stop Recommending

Breathe new life into tired sweaters and other knits with Conair's best-selling portable fabric shaver. Featuring three speed settings and a detachable compartment that collects fuzz, the battery-operated device removes lint, hair, and fuzz from clothing in mere seconds. Amazon shoppers can't get enough, giving it over 8,500 glowing positive reviews thus far. "I can’t stop. I should send this back," one person joked. "I’ve started asking if my neighbors need anything de-pilled."


A User-Friendly Kit That Makes It Easy To Dry Clean Your Own Clothes

Save yourself a trip to the dry cleaners, and use this handy dry cleaning kit to safely clean delicates and other special-care pieces at home instead. The kit includes everything you'll need to dry clean up to 30 garments at home, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Plus, this is a foolproof way to save money on your monthly dry cleaning bill.


These Denim Iron-On Patches To Extend The Life Of Your Jeans

If the inner thighs of your favorite jeans are wearing thin, these iron-on denim patches will be a real life-saver. They're great for repairing holes or reinforcing a worn patch anywhere on your jeans, and the pack of 12 patches includes four different denim washes, so you'll have no problem finding a perfect color match.


A Gentle Solution That Effectively Cleans & Conditions Shoes Without Damaging Them

Jason Markk's shoe cleaner is a best-seller for good reason: it really works. A single bottle contains enough of the foaming solution to effectively clean and condition up to 100 pairs of shoes. Perfect for shoes made of leather, suede, canvas, vinyl, nylon, cotton mesh, and more, the gentle formula is 100% biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals.


The Portable Garment Steamer That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

Of the over 3,500 shoppers who reviewed this portable garment steamer, nearly 90% gave it a perfect five-star rating. Steaming is a fast and effective way to remove wrinkles from almost any type of fabric, and because this one is compact and lightweight, you can bring it along while traveling without taking up a ton of space. Other perks include its quick 25-second heat-up time, an electronic pump system that prevents leaks, and an automatic shut-off feature to prevent potential accidents.


A Hand-Crafted Kit That Makes Caring For Leather Items Simple

This leather care kit includes all four of the key products you'll need to keep any leather item in tip-top condition. There's a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and stains, a special salve to restore suppleness and repair cracking from dehydration, a rich oil blend to condition and shine, and wax to add a extra layer of protection and waterproofing. Hand-crafted for Otter Wax, a hip Portland-based brand, the kit's premium ingredients and stylish packaging make it a practical, thoughtful gift for any leather lover.


A Fun & Easy Way To Upcycle Your Old Clothes

Give faded jeans a makeover with Rit's ingenious denim-colored fabric dye, which is surprisingly easy to use (not to mention super satisfying). Not into denim? Rit sells fabric dye in virtually ever color imaginable, and even if you can't find the exact color you want, this handy color guide will help you mix it yourself. After you've finished your jeans, try giving an old hoodie a Shibori tie-dyed update, dip-dying a macrame wall hanger, or breathing new life into a dingy sheepskin rug .


A Compact, Retractable Lint Roller To Keep In Your Purse

Ever realized you're completely covered in fuzz or pet hair, after you've already left the house? If this all-too-common fashion emergency strikes a cord, this portable lint roller is for you. The refillable roller — which is available in 12 colors and prints, and comes complete with 30 adhesive-covered refill sheets — is compact enough to stash in your purse, desk, or glovebox, so you'll always be ready to de-fuzz on the go.


An Ingenious Tool That Makes Snags Disappear

It can be tempting to pull or cut loose thread from a snag, but doing so will only make the problem worse. Instead, use this nifty tool to make snags in knit or woven fabrics disappear completely by hooking onto the loose thread and pulling it into the fabric. "This mind-blowing little gadget is almost too easy to use and works on all sorts of fabrics with great results," one reviewer gushed. "And it's SO satisfying!"


A Super-Tough Glue That Works On Leather, Vinyl, & More

When it comes to safe and effective (and easy!) ways to mend leather and other tricky materials, you can't go wrong with Tear Mender adhesive. Formulated with latex, it dries on its own without heat or solvent, creating a waterproof, UV-resistant bond that will hold up in the washing machine. Durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use, it's ideal for mending leather, and is also great for vinyl, fabric upholstery, and so much more.


A Kit That Makes It Easy To Replace The Buttons In Jeans

Replace a busted button on a pair of jeans with this handy kit. Denim buttons need to be stronger than most; these are not only stronger and harder to pull out, but putting one into a pair of jeans couldn't be easier — you won't even need to sew anything. The kit comes with eight small, brass-colored buttons, the backings to attach them, and a simple tool to install them.


A Kit That Makes It Easy To Replace Or Repair A Broken Zipper

A broken zipper can make an otherwise perfect garment completely useless. Luckily, this zipper repair kit makes it easy to fix or replace a broken zipper, so you can finally wear that gorgeous thrifted jacket, or bring your old favorite jeans out of retirement. The kit contains four bottom stops, six top stops, 11 replacement sliders, and a handy how-to guide — the only thing that's not included are small pliers.


This Extra-Strong Fabric Tape To Temporarily Hem Long Dresses, Pants, & Skirts

If you're petite (and even if you're not), these hem tape strips are a must for your fashion tool kit. Sold in a pack of 24 pre-cut strips, they're designed to temporarily adjust the hem on dresses, pants, shorts, or skirts — no sewing (or trip to the tailor!) required. Notably, reviewers say the strips are much stronger and more durable than traditional fashion tape, so your hem won't come undone before you want it to, even if you're working with heavier fabrics like denim or wool.


A Simple Way To Waterproof & Condition Leather

Mink oil effectively waterproofs, preserves, and conditions leather naturally — and because this tin of it is so compact and portable, you'll be able to keep it on hand for whenever you may need it. It's worth noting that mink oil can slightly darken some leathers, so if you're worried about the color changing, try testing it out on on a small, inconspicuous area first.

"This product has restored 23-year-old Doc Martins to look like new," one happy reviewer reported. "My leather bag has never looked so good or felt so soft," gushed another.


A Two-Pack Of Products That Make Down Jackets, Comforters, & Sleeping Bags Seem New Again

Making gear like sleeping bags, windbreakers, and rain jackets look new again is easier than you might think — in fact, all you'll need is the two products in this set. First, clean your items with Tech Wash, a specially formulated detergent for waterproof technical fabrics. Unlike most soaps or detergents, the water-based, biodegradable formula won't damage your their waterproof finish or leave behind product buildup that compromises their breathability. After your items are clean, use TX Direct, a wash-in waterproofer, to refresh and renew their waterproof finish.


A Magical "Eraser" That Works On Suede, Nubuck, & More

This nifty "eraser" is one of the most effective ways to make stains on suede, nubuck, and other tricky materials disappear. It's basically a specially treated cleaning block with a textured surface that removes dirt and grime and lifts nap, making the surface soft and velvety again. Simple, sure — but it works.

"Why did it take me so long to find this thing?!" one reviewer gushed. "I spill stuff on my shoe… Eraser. I bump it against something gross and scuff it... Eraser. I get grease on it going out... Eraser."


This Cleaner & Conditioner To Keep Your UGGs Looking Pristine

UGGs and other sheepskin boots and slippers aren't exactly cheap — which is why it's so important to protect yours with this cleaning and conditioning solution. Made with naturally nourishing coconut and jojoba oils, the gentle-yet-effective solution is formulated by UGG itself, so you can be confident it's safe to use on your favorite comfy-chic footwear.

"My Uggs look brand new! They are 10 years old," one happy reviewer reported.


A Smart Way To Temporarily Replace A Broken Heel Tip

Few fashion emergencies can wreak havoc more than a broken stiletto. To save yourself a headache, stash a couple of these slip-resistant heel caps in your bag. If your shoe does break or chip during an event, slip a cap over the heel, and the temporary fix will eliminate clicking from the exposed metal nail. Available in your choice of black or taupe, the caps come in five different sizes to accommodate various shoes.


A Quick & Easy Way To Replace A Broken Heel Tip For Good

While the heel caps above are an excellent temporary fix, this user-friendly kit makes it easy to replace the tip on a broken heel for good. The kit comes a special pliers and 32 slip-proof heel tip replacements, which are made of durable TPU and iron, and come in eight different sizes to accommodate various shoes.

"In less than 5 minutes, I just repaired my 2 favorite pairs of shoes to like-new condition! one reviewer gushed. "So simple and affordable! I'm thrilled."


A Gentle Cleaner For Down Jackets & Other Down-Filled Items

"WOW, this stuff WORKS!!!" said one reviewer of this popular down cleaner, which not only removes dirt and grime from down-filled items like jackets, sleeping bags and pillows, but also restores their loftiness and warmth. Because the formula is super concentrated, one pouch is enough to clean up to 10 down jackets, for example, or five sleeping bags.

"This down cleaner just plain does the job," one reviewer reported. "It cleaned and revived two expensive down jackets that I've had for nearly 10 years, and hadn't washed them in at least 5. They look showroom fresh."


A Creamy Polish To Restore The Color & Condition Of Your Favorite Leather Pieces

Another great product to keep your favorite leather pieces looking pristine, this cream polish is meant for boots and shoes, but will work equally well on jackets and purses. Rich in natural waxes, oils, and pigments, the polish is formulated to not only nourish, soften, and condition leather, but also to restore its rich color and hide any scratches or scuffs. For that reason, it's available in 12 different colors, including black, gray, chocolate, and a non-tinted, neutral option.


Four Replacement Drawstrings & A Handy Tool To Thread Them Through

Losing a drawstring can basically ruin a piece of clothing — unless you have these drawstring cords to replace it with, that is. The set includes two black and two white drawstring cords, plus a smart tool to help thread the cord through.

"Was able to easily add drawstrings to several pairs of shorts and sweatpants that have broken or disappeared in the laundry over the years," one reviewer shared. "Several shorts came back out of retirement thanks to this tool!"


An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner That Works On Glasses & Utensils, Too

Save money — and a trip to the jeweler's — with this popular jewelry cleaner, which makes it easy to give your favorite pieces a professional-grade cleaning at home. Powered by ultrasonic waves, the user-friendly device has five different settings, which effectively clean various types of fine jewelry without using harsh chemicals. It can also be used to clean eyeglasses, utensils, coins, and more.


The Cult-Favorite Conditioner That Makes Old Leather Feel Soft & Supple Again

In just one of the over 1,000 perfect five-star reviews for Bickmore's leather conditioner, a self-described "thrifty woman with expensive taste" shared that she bought it in hopes of restoring a cracked, dried-out leather purse she'd purchased on eBay.

Her results? "It is a near instant change," she gushed. "After one hour, the purse looked beautiful! This product turned tired-looking, greying, wrinkled leather turned into a smooth, luxurious black. It even softened the leather." Hundreds of other reviewers shared similar success stories, which may explain the cult-favorite product's exceptional average rating of 4.6 stars.


The "Healing Milk" That Restores Cracked, Dry, Or Scratched Leather

Chamberlain's describes Leather Milk as "a healing balm for leather" — massage it into a leather jacket or boots, and you'll understand why the name is so apt. The rich conditioning formula hydrates and nourishes dry, thirsty leather, making cracks, scratches, and scars disappear into milky smoothness.

"I was complaining that my favorite black leather vintage Chanel bag was starting to look a bit tired and faded," one reviewer shared. She later revealed, "After applying this conditioner, the difference is astonishing. The black is deep and not faded at all, it looks incredible."


An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Dryer Sheets For Soft, Fluffy Clothes

There's so much to love about these reusable dryer balls, it's no surprise that they've earned over 15,000 five-star reviews (and counting) on Amazon. Like traditional dryer sheets, the jumbo-sized wool balls work to speed up drying time, reduce static, and soften and fluff up fabric. Unlike dryer sheets, however, these are free of chemical-laden fabric softeners, fragrances, and other additives — in fact, they're made with 100% genuine wool from New Zealand. Plus, they can be re-used over and over again, so compared to single-use dryer sheets or fabric softeners, they're a far more economical and eco-friendly alternative.


An All-Natural Stain Remover That Actually Works

While many popular stain removers contain harsh fragrances, dyes, and chemicals, this stain remover by The Laundress is all-natural, 100% biodegradable, and surprisingly effective at removing tough stains. Specifically, it works best on protein or tannin-based stains, which include tea, ink, wine, grass, sweat, blood, coffee, and more. The gentle liquid formula is safe to use on any washable material, and because it's super concentrated, one bottle is enough for up to 200 uses.


The Easiest Way To Repair Rips, Holes, & Tears — No Sewing Required

Once you start finding ways to use Supermend fabric bonder, you'll never stop. To repair almost any type of fabric, simply apply the bonder — which comes in powder form — on the fabric you're mending, then iron it on using parchment paper. It's great for repairing tears, rips, burn holes, and more without creating visible stitches. Plus, you can use it on fabric items that you can't turn inside out, like upholstered furniture or a sherpa-lined jacket.


The Perfect Sewing Kit For Beginners — & It Comes In The Cutest Vintage-Inspired Sewing Basket

Even if more complicated sewing projects aren't your thing, it's worth owning a simple sewing kit like this one, in case you need to repair a tiny rip or replace a loose button. The kit includes everything you'll need for basic mending and sewing — needles, pins, scissors, a needle threader, pin cushion, seam ripper, tape measure, and thimble — all adorably housed in a retro printed sewing basket.


An Effective Comb That'll Make Your Cashmere & Wool Garments Look Brand New

Make your wool and cashmere sweaters and pants look brand new again with this simple, under-$10 sweater comb. It efficiently removes pills, fluff, and fuzz from cashmere and wool garments, but you can also use it on wool blankets and couches, too.

"This little comb just gave my cashmere sweaters a new lease on life!" raved one reviewer. Another, who called it "the best sweater comb [they've] ever used," wrote, "This removes pills easily on all types of fabric without damaging the sweater. [...] My sweaters look like new again. I love that the comb is a tightly coiled spring and not just sand paper like so many other combs. It's so much more gentle then the other options."

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