The Devil Wears Prada Is Coming To Broadway—That’s All

It’s official: The Devil Wears Prada is becoming a musical—and at a not-so-glacial pace. Fox Stage Productions has already signed Grammy winner Elton John and renowned playwright Paul Rudnick to the creative team for the novel-turned-film-turned-Broadway adaptation. Naturally, we’re imagining how our favorite scenes will be portrayed in musical form. Here, the moments we’re just dying to see brought to life. (This one’s got some very large shoes to fill.)

Everett Collection

When the Runway Staff Panics Upon Miranda's Arrival

Because just mentioning the name "Miranda" can cause severe emotional distress and hysteria, we're anticipating some kind of West Side Story frenzy.

When Andy Undergoes the Makeover of the Century

If they need someone to help hunt down the clothing for the Runway closet, we're here to help.

When Miranda Delivers the Most Cutting Sentence in Fashion History

"That sweater is not just blue. It's not turquoise. It's not lapis. It's actually cerulean." Cue the blue lighting and a wave of epic gasps.

When Andy Messes Up the First Time She's Tasked with "The Book"

What fun to witness your boss and her husband in the middle of an argument that ultimately leads to their divorce! This one's likely to be rendered in a balletic staircase moment, right?

When Andy Desperately Hustles for That Unpublished Harry Potter Manuscript

Because it's totally realistic to have your job saved by an attractive writer who not only finds you equally attractive but also happens to know J.K. Rowling. (We just hope she has to run around the stage with a steak first.)