The Queen’s Jewelry In The Crown Season 2 Is Everything

Updated November 6, 2017: Netflix has released the full trailer for season two of The Crown, and it brings the drama (and a really, really gorgeous emerald tiara). This season, premiering December 8, will be the last starring Claire Foy—in seasons three and four, Elizabeth will be played by Olivia Colman due to a time jump. Check out the full trailer below.

Original post, August 10, 2017: If you’re suffering from The Crown withdrawals like we are, rejoice! Netflix has finally (finally!) given us a hit of what we’ve been craving. It just released a teaser trailer for season two, and it looks so good. Queen Elizabeth may be 10 years into her reign, but there is still drama aplenty. She’s struggling with her marriage to Philip (looks like his infidelity will be addressed more this season), she’s gone through three prime ministers and there’s definitely some sisterly tension.

The clip also gives us a glimpse of new characters: Dexter Morgan—er, Michael C. Hall—as JFK, Jodi Balfour as Jackie O and Philip’s scruffy beard as itself. The new season premieres December 8.