Here’s A Recipe For Taco-Stuffed Avocados, Just In Time For Cinco De Mayo

Further proof that avocado makes everything better: these next-level tacos. They’re healthy, incredibly easy to make, and oh-so delicious. We highly recommend serving them with one of these delicious margaritas. Check out the recipe below.


Avocado Black beans Radishes Tomato Mango Orange pepper Jalapeño Cotija cheese Lime Olive oil Salt and pepper

For garnish: Lime juice Cilantro Tajín


Slice an avocado in half and remove the pit. Scoop out some of the flesh to make room for the stuffing, and slice off the bottom of each half so they lie flat. Chop the remaining ingredients and combine in a mixing bowl. Scoop the mixture into the avocado halves, then garnish with lime juice, cilantro and a sprinkle of Tajín.