Rosé Ice Pops Are Now Available For Your Day-Drinking Pleasure

Call us basic, but there’s little more we love than rosé, well, anytime really but especially in the summer. So when we reported on FrutaPops’ boozy ice pops earlier this year, we couldn’t help but think the company’s lineup was missing something—namely, a pink drink that pairs just as well with avocado toast as it does with seafood. Well, never be afraid to dream big, kiddos, because our wish came true: FrutaPop has released a rosé fruit pop. (That sound you hear is us ringing all the alarms.)

The pops—or “poptails”—were made exclusively for Rosé Season, a shop that promotes the “rosé lifestyle” and sells, among other things, a rosé cornhole set. Nonetheless, the Coconut Rosé Sangria Boozy Pops look quite delicious, if a touch spendy. They retail for $10 a pop (ha!) and can be purchased in sets of 12, 24 or 48. Thanks to this and innovations like rosé ice cream, it’s never been easier to #RoséAllDay. Ah, 2017—what a time to be alive.