What Princess Diana’s Sons Have To Say About Her Will Melt Your Heart

It’s been 20 years since Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident that shook the public and changed her family’s lives forever. And now, her sons are talking about her as a mother for the first time. Thanks to their recent advocacy for mental health, the royal brother duo can be seen speaking openly about their mother for a new U.K. ITV network documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. (But no need to fret: The U.S. version will be airing on HBO later this month.) In its most recent promo video for the documentary, Prince William says, “She was very informal and really enjoyed the laughter and the fun. But she understood that there was real life outside of the palace walls.” Even Prince Harry revealed what we all thought to be true, revealing, “As a son I would say this, she was the best mum in the world.” Awwww! It warms our hearts to see Prince William and Prince Harry speak so openly about their mother, a woman who, to this day, still influences fashion (including her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton). Check out the trailer below, and here’s to crying our eyes out the night this airs!

Video courtesy of ITV