3 Things To Binge On Netflix This Weekend Instead Of Going To Brunch

Our ideal weekend falls into one of two categories: sipping Summer Water at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA while wearing a summer-perfect white dress, or snuggling up in our comfiest sweats, slapping on a face mask and binging on Netflix all weekend. There’s really no middle ground. Should your proclivity for weekend fall into the latter category, we’ve rounded up three things on Netflix for you to binge. Boom. We just saved you 45 minutes scrolling through the movie options before settling on reruns of Parks And Rec because you’re over it. You’re welcome.


Netflix And Chill



If you haven't started watching this dramedy about women's wrestling in the '80s, do it this weekend. Come for the glitter, spandex and Alison Brie, stay for the smart, subversive comedy.


Killer In The Family

There are only eight episodes of this 2009 series to get through, so the commitment time is minimal. It follows Laura Richards, a criminal behavior analyst with a impressive resume, as she revisits cases where people have murdered their families. During it, she reveals and explains the warning signs and behaviors of these murderers in the hopes to educate people. Dark? Yes. But it's fascinating.


What The Health

Everyone is talking about this health documentary, and for good reason: it sheds light on the link between diet and disease, and explains the role pharmaceutical companies and the food industry have in all of it. Prepare to get angry and also possibly become a breatharian (jk don't do that last one).