This LA Couple’s Prince Themed Wedding Is Everything

It seems like more and more, brides and grooms are pushing aside traditions to personalize their special day in a way previous generations probably never dreamed possible. Instead of being primarily concerned with fitting a standard or fulfilling their parents’ wishes, many couples nowadays opt to showcase their own quirky personalities unabashedly. A stellar recent example of this can be seen in the June nuptials of editor Lily Waronker and chemist Jonny Gordon, whose ceremony and reception at downtown Los Angeles’ historic Alexandria Ballrooms was equally inspired by Prince — the groom’s favorite musician — and Boogie Nights, a film they both adore.

Vogue recently featured gorgeous images of the soiree (taken by Bryan Dale of For the Love of It), and captured some of the most original details, including the bride’s purple ombré lace veil (which Lily described as equal parts “When Doves Cry” and Purple Rain), the gospel choir that sang “Raspberry Beret,” a ceiling decorated with disco balls, and roller skating girls that dolled out glow sticks and candy to guests. Yep, they nailed it. Head over to Vogue to read more about one of the coolest weddings we’ve seen all year.