What Kylie Jenner Did To Make An Entire High School Totally Freak Out

Prom is a rite of passage and a memorable night regardless of you ended up dancing all night with your first love or ugly-crying all night in the bathroom. But for the students of Sacramento’s Rio Americano High School, they’ll never forget their prom for an entirely different reason. Last night, Kylie Jenner and BFF Jordyn Woods turned the party all the way up when they surprised attendees by strolling in, the makeup mogul on the arm of Rio student Albert Ochoa. As would be expected, social media went completely insane, with tweets exclaiming everything from “Zac Efron as my next prom date” to “tbh i’d be mad if i paid $100+ for prom only to have kylie jenner come and make it obnoxious as hell.” But one in particular seemed to sum up our thoughts perfectly, “If Kylie Jenner Can Go To Rio Americano’s Prom You Can Text Me Back.” Right?