John Mayer’s Beauty “Vlog” Is Going To Break The Internet

Homepage image: @johnmayer

Virtually anyone is able to be beauty vlogger these days—all you need is a web-connected device and product bounty to share your prettifying secrets with the world. Even an internationally renowned male singer-songwriter could join the conversation—someone like, say, John Mayer—if he so desired. And recently, he did—compelled for reasons unbeknownst to us (but ones we are infinitely grateful for), the crooner took to Snapchat to reveal his skincare routine in a 2-minute-long series of pumps, mists and very technical abbreviations that rival that of a bona fide YouTube star. What we’ve learned: He loves Natura Bisse, he layers his products like the best of ’em and his application methods are, well, truly innovative (we might try the “offset smiley” method with our moisturizer tonight). Your complexion is a wonderland, John. Watch the amazing video here for a solid dose of beauty LOLs.