How Bloggers Do Paris

By now, you get it—Paris Fashion Week is kind of a dream come true. From the insane venues to the fabulous celeb sightings, the sartorial spectacle is made all the more magnificent by its host city’s charm. With bloggers in the mix more than ever (rubbing elbows with models, editors and the like), we continually keep an eye on their feeds for an of-the-moment glimpse of the happenings across the pond. With the whirlwind week coming to an end, we tapped one of our favorite digital darlings, Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me, to share an inside peek at how chic fashion bloggers do Paris. Ahead, her travel diary from the City of Lights.

Photos courtesy of Jenny Bernheim

Morning Ritual

"My days in Paris start promptly when the sun rises, and I’m fully guilty of working from bed whenever I can. First thing's first: blog post and emails!"

Fittings & Appointments

"Before the shows and shoots begin, I’m off to pick out a few looks for the week. Have you seen Alice & Olivia's new collection? Obsessing over her larger-than-life, wide-leg silhouettes and sweeping floor-length vests."

Hotel Home

"When arriving to Paris, the flower market is my first stop. There’s something so comforting about having fresh florals around. It makes me feel like I am at home wherever I am."

Beauty Essentials

"In addition to fresh flowers, having my beauty essentials with me makes me feel most at home wherever I am. These are a few of my must haves, especially my La Mer eye cream for my designer "bags"—wink wink."

Fashion Fuel

"One of my favorite things about Paris is that it’s filled with delicious food! You can truly find something amazing to eat on every corner. Café Carte is an Instagram-lovers dream—their treats are almost too pretty to eat."

Taking In The View

"The spectacular view from my afternoon meeting with Iro—the showrooms here in Paris are on another level!"

Favorite OOTD

"It’s hard not to shoot every look in front of these amazing doors. I wore this Barbara Bui look to her show that took place in the Grand Palais. If you’re headed to Paris, you must stop to see the incredible architecture of this building."

Favorite Fashion Moments

"From bags to dresses, primary hues of pinks and purples were prevalent in collections from Barbara Bui... M2Malletier."

Puppy Party

"Frenchies are around every corner in this city! It makes me really miss my baby, Margo."

Landmarks Aplenty

"The best Parisian landmark is far above the ground. I recommend finding a view of the rooftops and waiting for the sun to set—it's one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. Until next time, au revoir Paris."