Expert Tips For Dealing With Pregnancy Skin & Hair Problems

Along with the many blissful moments you experience during pregnancy, there are a number of unexpected problems that effect your appearance (and comfort). Hair loss, irritated skin and eczema are common issues for expectant mothers, so we enlisted 3 experts to share their tips for overcoming them. Lorri Goddard, Co-Founder of Goddard & Bragg Salon (and the woman behind Kim Kardashian going blonde), Victoria Tsai, Founder & CEO of Tatcha (one of Rachel Zoe’s favorite skin-care lines) and Leslie Kritzer, Co-Founder of Mad Beauty (home of arguably the best facial in Los Angeles) offer failsafe ways to help make your nine-month journey as enjoyable as possible.

Coco Rocha with her gorgeous baby.

3 Common Pregnancy Hair & Skin Problems