How To Drink At Your Desk (But, Like, In A Classy Way)

If you haven’t ever thought, “I could use a drink” while at work, two questions: (A) What is your job? and (B) Are you an earth human? For the rest of us normal beings, we are all about popping these new sweet, boozy treats from Sugarfina—aka the chic candy company that brought us rosé gummies—and Casamigos Tequila. The collab, which launched today, features three tequila-infused candies: Shake Your Margarita, Paloma Por Favor and Give It A Shot. The first two are gummies and the last is a chocolate cordial that contains a splash of tequila inside. You can buy them individually for $8.50 a pop, as a candy bento box for $28 or as a candy and tequila bento box (which features mini bottles of Casamigos Tequila) for $48.

Although our bosses may frown upon doing tequila shots in the middle of the day, we have a stash on our desk—they’re too pretty not to display. And no, we’re not sharing.