10 Scary Movies To Stream This Halloween

We’ll never grow out of some Halloween rituals. We may no longer be begging for treats door-to-door, but we’re still munching on candy (mindfully, that is) and fully committing to our respective costumes. Another tradition we’ll be indulging in this year is torturing ourselves with scary movies. Admittedly, we’ve got to be in the mood for serious slasher flicks and psychological thrillers, but this holiday definitely puts us in that state of mind. If you enjoy doing the same and are looking for some classic films to watch from home (preferably with popcorn and someone nearby to grab onto for dear life), we’ve compiled a list of quintessential scary movies everyone ought to see at least once.

Dimension Films


Compass International


Warner Bros.

The Shining

Universal Pictures


Artisan Entertainment

The Blair Witch Project

Warner Bros.

It (1990)

Paramount Pictures

Rosemary's Baby

New Line Cinema

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Warner Bros.

The Exorcist


The Ring