Watch Barack And Michelle’s Heartfelt Final Christmas Weekly Address

Getty Images

We didn’t need to be reminded of how much we’re going to miss our current POTUS and poised First Lady, but that’s exactly what happened this morning as the Obamas shared a sweet message with Americans in their final Christmas weekly address. The fist-bumping couple — who practically defines the phrase “relationship goals” — started out their holiday wishes with a cute flashback to their first Christmas address and got a little giggly before acknowledging the progress our country has made since the Obamas first arrived at the White House, and extending the Christian holiday’s message of “boundless love, compassion, and hope” to all faiths. While the president didn’t directly speak to any changes that may come when he leaves office, he shared his belief that his work over the last eight years won’t be in vain, stating, “I’m hopeful we’ll build on the progress we’ve made for years to come.” The address concluded with President Obama offering well wishes from his entire clan, including first pups Bo and (“troublemaker”) Sunny. Okay, here come all the feels.