72 New Emojis Have Arrived And We’re Obsessed

Update: At the insistence of Google, the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee (does this sound like a made-up thing to anyone else?) has added emojis that actually reflect the reality of women in 2016, who like to do more with their lives than get haircuts. This likely won’t stop our mommy friends from over-using the princess emoji in Instagram captions describing their daughters, but it will at least give us grown-ups something more realistic with which to identify ourselves. The new emojis include a rock star, a doctor and a chef, among other professionals, and will be available for both sexes and in a variety of skin tones.

The countdown to summer just got that much more exciting — June 21st now promises the arrival of 72 brand new emojis! (Insert dancing lady in red and party confetti symbols here.) Unicode, the mastermind behind these modern hieroglyphics, revealed the lineup in full this week and we can hardly wait to get our hands on them. Sure to be adored in your fashion circles, the selection includes an avocado (finally!), champagne glasses, a butterfly, pancakes, an old-maid (who calls to mind a classic episode of Sex and the City), and even a black heart, all the better to accessorize your goth-chic ensembles. But, of course, our favorite from the bunch is indubitably the face palm girl, who is certain to go straight to the front of our most-used icons. What about you? Which of the new crew will get your digits going? Tell us in the comment section below and start imagining all the scenarios in which you’ll put these babies to use. Kissy face.