Everything To Know About Ava Phillippe — This Year’s It Girl

Reese Witherspoon is definitely rooting for her.

Ava Phillippe on Instagram

In Hollywood, children of celebrities typically grow up in the spotlight. And while some prefer to stay away from fame, others have found ways to carve out their own paths within the industry. The latter rings true for Ava Phillippe. If you’re wondering who she is, Phillippe is the daughter of actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Wherever she goes, fans will recognize Phillippe almost immediately as she bears a twinning resemblance to her famous mom — save for when Phillippe sported pink hair in 2021. (That’s not in Witherspoon’s style book.)

She has grown up attending star-studded events, like one attends birthday parties, with her parents. However, as of late, the 22 year old has begun venturing out on her own and making a name for herself. In April, she cemented her influencer status while attending events at Coachella. She’s also growing her presence in the beauty space, with a recent appearance on the Armani Beauty red carpet. She also made her debut as the face of the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton collaboration back in December 2021. As Phillippe makes her way up the proverbial Hollywood ladder and continues to hone in on her career ambitions, the future It girl will certainly become a household name. Her 1 million Instagram followers will agree: she is the one to keep your eyes on in 2022. Ahead, read up on several fast facts about Phillippe.

Phillippe Was Born On Sept. 9, 1999

She is the eldest of Witherspoon’s three children and is a Virgo. (Her siblings are Deacon Phillippe and Tennessee Toth.)

Phillippe Starred In The Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton Collab

In December 2021, Phillippe achieved her biggest career milestone to date — she became the face of the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton makeup collaboration. In honor of the launch, she shared a vintage-style clip on Instagram with the caption “this is ... MAJOR!!” In the video, she sported lavish garments, bejeweled tiaras, and gorgeous makeup done by McGrath herself.

Phillippe’s Building Her Career As An Influencer

Since the collaboration, she’s grown her career as an influencer. She attended an H&M event during 2022 Coachella Weekend One, for example, where she rubbed elbows with actors Storm Reid and Zoey Deutch. She also made an appearance at the TZR x ZOEasis event for Coachella and told TZR the best fashion advice she’s learned from her mom is to always match your bag to your shoes.

Phillippe Is A Red Carpet Pro

At an Armani Beauty event, she wore a bold red lip and a hot pink silky dress. This was her first solo appearance on the red carpet, as she usually attends with her mom and siblings. Other attendees at the event included Maude Apatow, Tessa Thompson, and Skai Jackson.

Phillippe Is A Thoughtful Creative

When she’s not influencing, Phillippe’s Instagram is all about creativity, art, and empowering her 1 million, and counting, followers. Her feed is filled with pictures of her grandmother’s sketches, passages from books she’s reading, artistic photographs of friends, and her writing. She also has highlights on her page dedicated to spreading kindness and asking followers to share good things that happened in their day.