What We’ve Learned From Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Over The Years


Today marks the 20th birthday of beloved model, sister, friend and all-around It girl Kendall Jenner. And as far as we’re concerned, this mega-celeb’s big day is definitely one worth celebrating. We’ve seen Kendall grow up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and have watched her transform into one of the biggest fashion models of our time through, well, Instagram. Here, we take a look back at the life lessons she’s taught us through her social media snaps. From putting family first to being shamelessly proud of a good selfie, trust us, there’s a lot to learn.


1. Always Put Family First

Kendall's feed is brimming with photos of her with her sisters, her mom and, of course, Caitlyn. It's obvious she makes them a priority amid her insane schedule.


2. Kill It On The Catwalk

Runway after runway, season after season, Kendall continues to impress with her power walk and intense gaze.


3. You're Nothing Without Your Best Friends

Whether it be Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne or her own sisters, Kendall knows the value of her close-knit squad.


4. A Well-Executed Beauty Selfie Is Always A Good Idea

Could she be more stunning? She continually epitomizes our selfie #goals.


...Even Ones With Minimal (If Any) Makeup

Proving that pared-down beauty is just as gorgeous as über-glam, Kendall confirms there's a place for both in your feed.


5. Do Sexy Right

Kendall shows that a body-con dress isn't the only way to rock a sexy evening look. We're now seriously considering a crop top and thigh-slit pencil skirt as our new going-out uniform (and maybe, just maybe, we could look this good in a supply closet?).


6. Everyone Loves A Good #TBT

Questioning whether to share or not to share? Kendall is the queen of the #TBT. And if she thinks they're cool, by all means post away.


7. Jeans & Pumps Are Eternally Stylish

Kendall has proven that jeans (whether vintage, skinny or high-rise) paired with a classic pair of pumps are always a good move.