Mastering The Art Of Packing A Carry-On

Since everything Jenni Kayne touches turns to chic, we wanted to know how on earth she manages to travel from Los Angeles to New York City with only carry-on luggage? Given that she’s a fashion designer (and owner of one of our favorite LA boutiques), one would assume she travels with trunks upon trunks of options. On the contrary, she swears if you carefully select the right pieces, there is no need to check a bag. (We know, our minds were blown too.) Here are the tastemaker’s secrets for serious success when you’re faced with one of our least favorite chores: packing.

Step 1: Use The Biggest Carry-On The Airline Allows

"I like to be able to touch down and be on my way. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and having to wait around for luggage. This Filson bag holds so much!"

Photos: Sarah Elliott

Step 2: Bring Staples You Can Wear More Than Once

"I always bring a nice pair of Jenni Kayne black slacks that can be dressed up or down and a pair of jeans that go with everything. Sweaters are also great to layer for style and warmth."

Step 3: Layer Statement Jackets Over Basics

"When traveling light I recommended packing in white, grey and black scales so that everything can be mixed and matched. On this trip to NYC, I brought two statement pieces: my Jenni Kayne black-and-white wrap and a J. Mendel fur poncho. These two pieces transform any outfit they are layered over."

Step 4: Scale Back Your Accessories

"I clean out my handbag before I travel to stay organized and cut down on weight, and I transfer my most used credit cards to a small Vianel card case. I also only take my must-have jewelry, like this vintage locket my sister Saree bought for me in Turkey as a wedding present—it has a picture of my kids Tanner and Ripley inside."