This Is The New Paris—Here’s Why You Should Visit

Paris may be the City of Light, but in-the-know travelers are skipping it altogether and instead booking a trip to a chic fishing village (yes, really) near Bordeaux called Cap Ferret. Not to be confused with Cap Ferrat (the blingy locale on the French Riviera where the likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been known to party), Cap Ferret is an idyllic French village that’s at once wistful and glamorous. In other words, it’s the kind of place you holiday (not “take a vacation”).

“Cap Ferret is France’s version of Cape Cod—it likes to think of itself as a quaint fishing village, but it’s actually got a specific, if diminutive, glamour to it,” says Javier Cedillo-Espin, travel expert and CEO of Onefinestay. “It’s an hour’s drive west of Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast and is known as France’s oyster capital; it’s a place for people who like food, art and privacy. For Onefinestay, it’s a rising star in our booming portfolio of French destinations, and it attracts regulars who mingle with local fisherman, ride bikes and windsurf, go oyster-tasting and relax in the sun. It’s quintessentially French, refined and inspiring, but feels much more like a holiday than Paris.” Here, your guide to this dreamy locale.


Holiday In Cap Ferret


What To Do

La Pointe du Cap Ferret: Located on the southwestern tip of the peninsula, this spot offers stunning ocean views.

Plage de l'Horizon: Plan to spend a day (or several) lounging at this picturesque beach. It's a short walk to shops and restaurants—just over the sand dunes.


Where To Stay

Onefinestay: Choose from a variety of private homes the company has personally vetted, like the one pictured. You can also opt for extra amenities when booking—everything from filling your fridge to coordinating a private chef.

La Maison du Bassin: This gem is tucked away in the village, which gives it a cozy, romantic atmosphere. While the rooms are small, they're utterly charming.


Where To Eat

Chez Boulan: Enjoy oysters and wine en plein air at this rustic restaurant—the tables overlook the dunes and the ocean where your seafood was plucked fresh.

Chai Bertrand: This rustic spot is a decidedly low-key place to enjoy the town's main export—oysters, of course—though you can also order other seafood.