7 Trips You Should Take Before You Turn 50

If you’ve found yourself wistfully scrolling through #wanderlust on Instagram, wishing you had a vacay coming up, let this list be the push you need to finally make travel plans. After all, it’s been scientifically proven that travel is good for your physical and mental health. Get ready to set that OOO notification, because it’s time for an adventure. Here, seven trips to take before 50.


Trips To Take Before 50

A Solo Trip

Yes, you should absolutely Eat, Pray, Love our way across a foreign country. This study found that the reason most people who travel solo choose to do so is that they want to fully indulge themselves and meet new people. So get out of your comfort zone, and use a solo trip as an opportunity to do some soul-searching.


An Off-The-Beaten-Path European Trip

Yes, Paris and Rome are amazing—but there's something to be said for exploring smaller, less-touristy locales. (Think Master Of None.)

We like Norcia, Italy and Conques, France.


A Train Trip

There's something romantic about experiencing a country via train, because you get to see unparalleled views out your window without having to change hotels. Like a cruise, but with less poop-related disasters.

This train tour of Canada is four days long, and takes you from prairies to lakes to mountains. There are also shorter trips (think: three hours) if that's all the train you can handle.


A Romantic Getaway

This one is a given. Traveling with your significant other is a really great (terrible?) test of your relationship—and, when all is said and done, spending time alone with just your person. is its own kind of magic. (Plus vacation sex is way better than regular sex. Fact.)


A Splurge Trip

Is there somewhere you've been dying to go, but have a hard time parting with your hard-earned money? We get it. (And we're not saying be financially irresponsible.) If you've been saving up for a nice trip, it may be time to, in the wise words of Donna and Tom from Parks And Rec, treat yo self.


A Girls Trip

You, your best friends and a location far away from the real world may be just what you need to recalibrate your life. Get out there and make memories, whether it's a wine-tasting trip close to home or a vacay to a far-flung locale.


A Vacay With Your Parents

No, we're not kidding. (Mostly.) But, trust us, vacationing with your parents when you're an adult is far different than when you were a kid (the biggest change being perhaps that you can turn to wine if things get rough).